Horrid Obsession

The matter at hand is Patrick Buchanan, who is out hawking his newest book, recycled claptrap like all the others. One was left amazed listening to his interview on the Diane Rehm show recently. Among other things, he defended the Reagan Southern Strategy (which he promoted) as not being racist, he repeated his tripe about the destruction of values that began in the 1960s and comparing that age of permissiveness to the Weimar Republic (leaving unsaid, but implying that a wonderful fellow came in after that to clean up Germany–only to be thwarted by a warmongering fellow named Churchill). Yes, really, Churchill, according to Buchanan, was the culprit in World War II. See Christopher Hitchens on Buchanan and World War II.

Unwittingly or not, let us not forget that Buchanan was the recipient of the hanging chad votes in 2000 that helped throw the election (with an assist from Scalia and company) to GW Bush.

Fascinating that he is still allowed to slime his way onto the airwaves and onto the TV screen.

Here is the best take on Buchanan in many a day, written at theRoot.com by Les Payne.

Pat Buchanan: Fearing the Loss of White Power
In his latest book, the right-wing commentator recycles his familiar racial fears

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