Obama Spanks GoP Chickenhawks on War With Iran: Jeff Stein at Spytalk

from Jeff Stein:

It’s ironic isn’t it, that President Obama, who’s never gotten closer to a military uniform than a handshake, is so much more cautious about sending men and women into harm’s way than his predecessor, a onetime Air Force pilot?

The conventional wisdom, after all, is that civilians who’ve never seen a bullet fired in anger are far more cavalier about sounding the trumpets to war than a soldier who’s been there. read more: spytalk


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2 responses to “Obama Spanks GoP Chickenhawks on War With Iran: Jeff Stein at Spytalk

  1. Obama must be commended for diplomatically refusing to be drawn into the irresponsible war on Iran hysteria but the global emphasis to defuse this incendiary talk must focus on forcing Israel to acknowledge its clandestinely acquired arsenal of nuclear weapons and must also focus on the exposure of Israel’s refusal to sign on to the Non Proliferation Treaty, and perhaps thereby more realistically leverage can be generated for an agreement to render the Middle East a nuclear energy weaponization free zone to which all of the regional governments can be expected to agree and adhere.

    It may furthermore help for the world to be informed that Israel has additionally been documentable involved in proliferating nuclear weaponization technology to the racist white supremacist regime of South Africa. See “The Unspoken Alliance” by Sasha Polakow-Suransky, an author of Jewish Austrian background.

  2. Les Payne

    Peter Eisner struck quite a a sound note. Aside from being driven insane by his North Vietnamese jailers, John McCain was a reckless fly-boy of the a type never to be trusted with decision-making, to say nothing of command authority. Yet, were it left to the vast majority of white voters, 55 percent in the ’08 election, President John “bomb bomb Iran” McCain, alongside VP Palin would be calling the shots on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, etc–and we would all be Georgians and playing footsies with President Mikheil Saakashvili.

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