Substance and Reason? Netanyahu Before Congress

Netanyahu (NBC)

Netanyahu (NBC)



Make no mistake, the substance of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress today is likely irrelevant – the fact that he is delivering the speech is all that matters.

Many Israelis and Americans– including those who would ordinarily be his supporters – oppose the fact that Netanyahu delivers a speech in cahoots with John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, and in defiance of all protocol and diplomatic precedent.

He will oppose negotiations with Iran, he will warn about Iranian terrorism, he will warn about a bomb – the same warnings from the same neo-conservative cabal he and his Likud Party consort with. These are the people that brought us the trillion-dollar debacle that was the Iraq War.

These are the same people that would attack Iran – even though Israeli and U.S. intelligence agencies and the Joint Chiefs of Staff reject the idea.

Netanyahu will stand before Congress in defiance of the President of the United States – no matter how he denies that and no matter what he says.

He will propose, perhaps, increased sanctions and no negotiations. He does not represent reason—he stands for war.


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2 responses to “Substance and Reason? Netanyahu Before Congress

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  2. Bob Burruss

    Netanyahu’s speech might well be irrelevant and/or have no substance. But that this foreigner is here at all, speaking in the US Congress, is where the speech’s relevance and substance lie.

    I cannot think of a historical precedent of an American political party, having a goal of insulting the President, have invited a foreigner to, in effect, lecture our President on his policy.

    Sedition is no longer a crime, given that it is protected by the First Amendment. Still, an argument could perhaps be made that the US representatives behind the invitation to this foreigner to speak in Congress and oppose our leader are traitors.

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