Do Not Investigate this Story (White House tells us there’s nothing here)

By Peter Eisner

A little triangulation:

There is an interesting link between the new Trump commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, a Russian billionaire and the sale of a Palm Beach mansion by Donald Trump.
  • Wilbur Ross was vice chairman of the Bank of Cyprus, often cited as a depository for Russian money laundering.
  • Bank of Cyprus’s largest shareholder was a Russian billionaire, Dmitry Rybolovlev. In 2008, Rybolovlev bought a mansion — once the largest private house in the United States — from a gentleman named Donald Trump for $95 million. (Trump’s profit more than $50 million).
  • White House now blocks information about the bank, Trump and Russia.


 We are told that there is nothing to investigate. Forget about it.

But just in case, here are three stories to tell the tale:

Wilbur Ross arrives for a meeting with Trump at the White House in Washington DC on 23 February 2017.
Wilbur Ross arrives for a meeting with Trump at the White House in Washington on 23 February 2017.

The Miami Herald

Photographed in 2005, Donald Trump stands in front of 515 N. County Rd., the estate he bought at auction for about $41 million, renovated and then sold in 2008 at a recorded $95 million.

Business Insider

The Bank Of Cyprus’ Biggest Shareholder Is A Russian Oligarch With An Insane Real Estate Portfolio

mansion trump Dimitry Rybolovlev

Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev is the largest shareholder in the Bank of Cyprus, with a 9.9% stake in the company.


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3 responses to “Do Not Investigate this Story (White House tells us there’s nothing here)

  1. Robert Burruss

    I’ll be surprised if we’re not living under martial law within the next two months.  It will have been deemed necessary “for national security,” against terrorists, liberals, Democrats, and Hillary.  Of course the constitution will have been suspended, and the “free press” will be moving underground, so that patriots can get the truth from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. The administration wants more money for so-called defense.  Trump says America is going to win again, and it seems plausible to me, and consistent with what has happened so far, that the first big ‘win’ will be in using nuclear weapons to threaten Iran — to be followed with a nuclear attack on Iran and other mid east targets. Bannon/Trump seem to be planning to make American great again by conquering other nations and ultimately the world.  Alexander comes to mind.  And Hitler. “We have to start winning wars again.” — Trump, 2/27/17

  2. Good one… But I wonder why all of this didn’t get more attention previously?

    Jeff Stein Newsweek/Washington (202) 697-9812 – desk (202) 812-3034 – cell Twitter: @spytalker


  3. These stories led to a good Rachel Maddow explainer last night. The individual stories were there. What pushes the topic over the slippery slope into focus?

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