The myth of presidential innocence

      As it has become clear in the last two weeks, there is no resolution yet to the Trump conspiracy and obstruction story. The full version will emerge. As Nixon’s 1972 campaign slogan used to go: “now more than ever.”
      The assumption that Mr. Barr was acting as an honest broker has been shot through not only by the New York Times story today — which it has been suggested has Justice Department officials themselves as sources — and the matching Washington Post story — which may be more from leakers within the Mueller camp itself.
      Consider what this means — Mueller prosecutors are leaking for the first time in almost two years. Why would that be? What would the purpose be?
     Obviously, this is a challenge to Barr, and more leaks will come if he does not change. We will see the report, one way or another.
     Many people assumed that Barr would not want to tarnish his own reputation so late in his career and life. But such is the corrupting value of rubbing shoulders with the twisted, deluded and increasingly solitary personage inhabiting the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he who paces sleepless, in search of new targets, frightened and aware that he is losing his mind.
      And perhaps his presidency.

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  1. Kathleen A Sheridan

    Good to get your blog again, Peter. Will check out those newspaper articles. Kathy

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