Odds on the Whistleblower: it may get worse

Peter Eisner

No surprise that we are in increasingly dangerous and shocking territory with the man in the Oval Office. It will get worse and he will continue to push the envelope – he does think he could get away with murder on Fifth Avenue.

Trump’s feedback so far has been what it has been throughout his life – he lies, he charges opponents with his very own crimes and he skates through. Throughout his life, the stakes have grown increasingly higher, the bunco game ever more dangerous. Trump thrives on it. The United States is already too small a platform — why not drive the entire world mad?

He is worried though. Speaking outside the White House yesterday with the Australian prime minister, some of the orange had worn off by his right ear, cheek high, actual pale white skin showing beneath. Will Trump forgive his makeup artist — full-time deception is required for the job.

It shouldn’t be a problem — Trump has lots of servants willing to help in whatever cover-up.

The odds have to be in Trump’s favor–that he can slide through the whistle blower event. Trump wants to use the bogus Biden story as a refrain in his disjointed Mussolini act as he hits the road for 2020. It is maniacal and it may be successful.

Though maybe not. The Intelligence Community is more organized and has better game players than Trump can conjure up in his fractured consciousness.

The timing of Trump’s recent contacts with foreign leaders, including Zelensky of Ukraine and Putin himself, and the timing of the departures of Dan Coats and John Bolton are not a coincidence.

Have you noticed that James Clapper and John Brennan were not among the on-air pundits in the immediate aftermath of the Ukraine? Why would that be? Neither has John Bolton been seen on Fox News, though he is always so happy to bloviate on call on any subject. They may finally agree that it is time to acknowledge the obvious–Trump has gone over the slippery slope.

Lordie, repeating Comey’s line yet again, I hope there are tapes. If there are tapes, we will hear more than an earful. Then the Vichy Republicans will be forced to really choose.

And yet, Trump may still survive – and democracy will be even more tenuous in a land founded on the quaint old principle that decent people of goodwill would serve the public good.

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