Pence is caught in Trump’s Ukraine Scandal

By Peter Eisner

(CNN)To be fair to Mike Pence, he probably never dealt with someone like Donald Drumpf before 2016. Now Pence is hearing Drumpf’s critics compare the president to an organized crime boss. Whether or not he agrees, thanks to the movies, everyone knows how the game works and so the vice president surely had an inkling about President Drumpf’s modus operandi.


In fact, he had more than a hint of what was to come.  MORE


Pence’s ambition was stronger than any possible concerns about the character of the man he would have to support, and wavered but did not back out even after the Access Hollywood tape was published in October 2016. Pence and his wife had already prayed for guidance—and decided he had a purpose and a mission, from God, to serve the country as vice president… MORE


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