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Let’s be real: Guns in America

Even after the horrors of Connecticut, it is doubtful that Congress would pass a sweeping gun control law, but something can be done. There are two sides to this story.

Changing attitudes and fixing things are a process. Many gun owners think there is a conspiracy against them, which there isn’t. Egged on by the National Rifle Association, they say that any gun regulation leads to the banning of all private ownership of guns. That will never happen.

But why would a guy who shoots skeet need to protect the use of assault weapons, like AR-15’s with huge clips in them? Nobody on the street needs those.

So we should demand and expect small steps acceptable to everyone, including the likely swing voter on the Supreme Court: Anthony Kennedy. We should be able to do this:

–End the sale of assault weapons, automatic and semi-automatic.

–End the sale of large ammo magazines.

–Regulate the activities of gun shows and online gun sales

—Debate, review and tighten gun licensing laws nationwide.

Let’s get real on all sides and achieve the possible.



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Gun Homicide Rate U.S. versus Britain: 100 TIMES GREATER CHANCE OF BEING SHOT IN U.S.

I was having dinner at an outdoor café one afternoon in London when suddenly I saw a scene that could have been from a movie. First a man holding a package ran past us as fast as he could run, followed by a man dressed as a chef waving a meat cleaver in pursuit, shouting “stop thief!” Both in turn followed by whistle-blowing Bobbies. The cops caught up with their man and paraded by in the opposite direction.

Something evidently was missing from the picture: no f-ing guns.

We are all at a loss for what to say about guns after the Connecticut massacre. How many more times before leaders will stand up?

Listen to Europeans this evening or read their newspapers tomorrow. Another mass killing across the water, they will say — “the Wild West,” using those very words in Spain, Italy many other countries in the original, not bothering to translate. There will be sympathy in Europe, but there will be sneers.

Britain, where bad guys have to run for and their pursuers carry sticks, has one of the toughest gun control laws in the world.

The intentional homicide rate in Britain is 0.03 per 100,000 people, ranked just under Japan at 0.02 per hundred thousand. Among other European countries, the rate in France is 0.06; Spain, 0.63; Germany, 1.10; Italy, 1.28.

The rate of intentional homicides in the United States is 2.98, 100 TIMES HIGHER than the rate in Britain.

No gun control advocate in Britain — where people with a license have no problem to go hunting and shoot squirrels and foxes with shotguns – right-wing or not could ever use guns a campaign issue.

The gun lobby in the United States is wrong and has to be stopped. No one will lose his or her right to go hunting. Everyone must lose the right to carry concealed or automatic weapons to kill.

What country is this and what century is this?


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