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Obama’s Pragmatism and the debt deal — part two

Liberals and progressives have been wringing their hands over the the debt deal–and keep implying that the President of the United States has sent them down the river. Not so. Paul Krugman calls the debt negotiations a surrender and a disaster. I tend to disagree. I would rather compare it somewhat to the Health Care bill. Krugman and others might have come out on Jan. 21, 2009 to declare and demand a one payer cradle to grave health care system, along with money to fund it. (That would have come after his announcement at 12:01 p.m. of the same day that the United States was leaving Afghanistan)

But neither he nor anyone else promoting that would have been elected president. And a liberal-progressive Barack Obama couldn’t have been elected either.

He is a politician, middle of the road all the way. Pragmatism worked in the end. As with health care, the debt deal is a foot in the door. The details will be worked out and fixed as time goes on. Nobody is blocking Medicare. And a formula for raising taxes may follow.


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