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Bloomberg and the runners walk back their imperial mistake

Even after Mayor Michael Bloomberg relented and canceled the New York City Marathon, it is still confounding to think he held out as long as he did.

It was a delayed obvious decision, delayed by wrong-headedness and Bloomberg’s frequent tilt toward an imperial mayorality. As the New York Times reported:

Behind the scenes, there were also concerns about what the world would see: images of runners so close to neighborhoods that had been battered by the storm, at a time when gasoline remained in short supply and mass transit was still not fully functioning.

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and Deputy Mayors Howard Wolfson and Patricia E. Harris all argued for calling off the event.

Look, runners will run. I have friends who run “only” 15 miles when they’re sick and should be in bed. They run more obsessively than the post office delivers the mail. But sometimes they have to be hauled in with a bit of reality.

How could the mayor play the tune that, just as after 9/11, the marathon would be a uniting force for New Yorkers? In the case of 9/11, first of all, that was also an arguable call. But at least there was a two-month interval between the event and the race. In this case, the victims and homeless and powerless are still in the process of being rescued and restored.

Tweets are saying that the thousands of runners and the generators and the food should be put to good use in helping people in need. Sounds like a great idea.

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Fox Trims Cuomo on New York, #Sandy and Global Warming

FOX Business Network was one of the few national outlets to carry New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s extensive comments on damage and recovery in the New York City area. But when Governor Cuomo began discussing global warming, Fox cut the feed.

The governor’s detailed report on status, first response and rescue, priorities for New York City included his contacts with President Obama, FEMA’s role, and the arrival of a U.S. Army water mitigation team to work on pumping away water.

Governor Cuomo next began speaking about the need to not only rebuild – as a long-term project—but that “we need to rebuild in a more intelligent way.” He then said that whatever some might say — adding “this is not a political statement” – weather patterns make it clear that something has changed in climatic conditions and that the city must be prepared for that. Those who deny weather changes, he said, are wrong.

“There’s no such thing as a 100-year flood,” he said. “These are extreme weather patterns. The frequency has been increasing.”

Cuomo is probably the first major politician during this disaster to discuss that element of the problem. But within seconds and a sentence or two, Fox swiftly cut off the governor’s remarks. A director somewhere realized what Cuomo was saying and didn’t want to continue to broadcast what he had to say. Fox could probably say they needed to break in after the long remarks, but it didn’t seem that way.

Anyone surprised?

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